My name is Samir Stephan Kujur, and it’s so nice to meet you! In mid 1970s, I was born and brought up in a Christian family. During foundation years of my life (up to 12th standard of my school years), I was in boarding schools and had the opportunity to be part of well architected and disciplined routine life.

During these foundation years, moral and spiritual teachings were engrained in my life through regular practice of meditation, attending daily prayers and Holy Mass, etc. In real sense, I was living in His fellowship and enjoying the sweetness of life.

However, from early 1990s to mid 2010s, I was drifted away from Him. I left meditation, stopped praying and attending Holy Mass. I felt like I was living in wilderness … no peace, no success. It was a difficult period and my life literally became hell. I was in trap of devil and was involved in satanic activities. 

Although I was born and brought up in a Christian family, I never read the complete 66 Books of the Bible (from Genesis Chapter 1 to Revelation Chapter 22) till the age of my late 30s.

After mid 2010s, once again I started meditating but in different format. It was a combination of Raj Yoga, Reiki and Aura Cleansing and reading the Bible. However, this time I was having lots of questions in my mind. 

Who am I? What is Soul, Spirit, Holy Spirit and their relationship? Who is God? How could there be the Trinity God? What is the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit? and so on … Also found lots of differences between the words of God in the Bible and Churches’ teachings and liturgical practices.

I got confused, but never stopped praying and reading the New Testament, Old Testament (different versions- TEV, NIV, KJV, Urantia Book, etc.), Torah and Quran to some extent.

By the Grace of God, I got the answers of my above questions. My life has changed. I am having so many supernatural experiences in my daily life. Here I am sharing some of them as my testimony:

[1] The Vision of {The Divine Mercy}

In between, I got several messages in dreams through departed souls of my loved ones, especially from my grandmother but I didn’t believe them because I had no clarity on their messages. Then I prayed, Lord I need a clear message from you. 

Then on 20th December 2018 around 4:15am to 4:30am, I had the vision (short Dream) of The Divine Mercy. It was just for a fraction of second. I asked him, Whether I should go to Church or not? He replied, You May Go, then left. No fear or excitement, only plain conversation.

I got the confirmation from Him. Now I had no choice to ignore anymore.

[2] The Vision of {The Throne of the Almighty}

Although I got the confirmation, but my little human brain was not satisfied, I said to myself, it was just for a fraction of second, I didn’t see Him properly and He left.

I thought, maybe it was my illusion. Now I had another doubt, Is Jesus God or is just like one of the God’s servants? 

However, I never stopped praying and reading the Bible. After about 9 and half months of the vision of The Divine Mercy, I had another vision (long Dream). This time it was The Throne of the Almighty. The date of this vision was on 30th September 2019 between 4:15 am and 5:45am and lasted almost 90 min.

Initially, appeared like a bright star at distant on white clouds. Then, it started coming closure to me, and I show The Throne of the Almighty. It looked like someone is sitting on the throne, but face was invisible.

As it was approaching closer to me, The Throne of the Almighty was magnifying with increased brightness, and at one point of time it approached next to me with magnified multifold and brightness, which was impossible for me to see it from my eye.

However, this brightness had no heat or temperature, but had very pleasant or bliss feeling.

After this vision, the LORD revealed my future task i.e. His Will to be fulfilled through me on this earth. They are related to spreading the Good News across the globe, one of the similar type of roles of Prophet Elijah, praying for needy souls (especially who are in captivity of evil spirits), revealing the messages of salvation, always remain in his fellowship and try to walk with Him.

This initiative, the establishment of blog site is also one of the actions to fulfil His Will.

[3] The Dream of The Rapture Event

After 9 months of the vision of The Throne of the Almighty, I had a dream (short Dream). This time it was The Rapture Event. The date of this dream was on 27th June 2020 between 3:30 am and 4:00 am and lasted about 10-15 min.

I saw that some human beings went up in the clouds to meet Yeshua. In night, He appeared in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory (the scene was almost same as described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 by Apostle Paul). Yeshua descended from Heaven to receive His people with open hands.

As the Scriptures state, there was no light of SUN, MOON or STARS, it was the brightness of His presence. It was a beautiful revelation and had bliss feelings. There were two groups of humankinds.

The people [one group] who went up in the clouds to meet Yeshua and their earthly bodies were transformed in to glorified bodies [celestial bodies] that happened in fraction of a second as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 and were shining very bright in the presence of Yeshua, and the other group remained on the earth to face consequences of The Great Tribulation.

Luckily by the GRACE of GOD, I saw myself being in the group of people who went up in clouds to meet Yeshua, but I remember one of my relatives was in the other group. Then the alarm clock rang at 4:00 am.

Initially I thought it was about the second coming of Yeshua and His 1000-years reign on Earth, but The Holy Spirit revealed me that it was about the Rapture Event that will take place in the pre- tribulation period.

[4] & [5] The Short Vision and The Gift of Tongues

After 5 and half months [163 days] of the short dream of The Rapture, I received The Gift of Tongues. This time it was The Gift of the Holy Spirit. The date of receiving the gift was on 8th December 2020 between 12:50 am and 1:20 am.

On 7th December 2020 around 8:00pm, I was having an in-depth Bible study and reflections on The Rapture events. In between I had a short vision [I was taken away about 15-20 minutes from my natural state], but I could not recall what had happened to me during this short period.

I felt like I slept for a while. I do recall that immediate before this event neither I was feeling tired nor sleepy. It transpired all of a sudden and when my eyes opened, I was very much afresh; as nothing had happened to me.

There was no sign of feeling a sleep at all. Immediately, I tried to recall what had happened to me but couldn’t recall any supernatural sign. I can say that I was taken away for 15-20 minutes from my natural state. Then without wasting my time in thinking about it I continued my study and reflections on the Rapture related events mentioned in the Bible.

Once the study was over [around 11:00pm-11:15 pm], I started to watch a video on “HOW CAN I BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT” which was made by Rev. Amit Christian, an Evangelical Bible preacher from India.

At the end of the message he said that those who want to receive “THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”, please stand up. He emphasised that it’s not a compulsion and requested only those who really want them voluntarily.

I knelt down and started praying with the preacher, and all of a sudden, my tongue started praying in unknown heavenly language. My tongue was not in my control and this was the very first prayer in my life [as I remember] that I prayed in the spirit.

[6] Supernatural Experience and the Dream of Angels

After 4 months [124 days] of The Gift of Tongues, I had another supernatural experience in my life and had a dream of heavenly beings. This time it was The Angels. The date of this event was on 12th April 2021 between 7:25am – 8:00am and a dream around 11:00pm -12:00 night on the same date.

On 11th April 2021, we [I & my wife] handed over our all household items to Packers & Movers team for its shifting from Delhi to Odisha, and on 12

th April 2021 early morning [after handing over the keys of rented house to the house owner] we started to wait auto taxi to drop us to the railway station.

It took us about 30 minutes to get an auto taxi [3 wheeler] and we had left only 35 minutes time to reach the station and board the train. We were also carrying about 6-7 heavy luggage with us, and within this 35 minutes we had to reach, go through the special checking procedure at station [due to COVID] and rush towards the platform no. 5 and board the train.

Practically it was impossible, until and unless the train is delayed or some supernatural miracle happens. We started at 7:25am from Katwaria Sarai [Near IIT, Delhi] and the train was scheduled to depart at 8:00am from Anand Vihar Railway station.

The distance between Katwaria Sarai and Anand Vihar Railway station is about 24km, which takes around 45 -60min by auto taxi. In auto both of us kept mum for almost 30 minutes. We had no options left with us, except to remember and surrender everything to Him.

We prayed Him individually. I prayed Him “Lord this is your plan that we should leave Delhi, and now we are in your hands…please take care of us”, whereas my wife prayed, “Lord let us not miss the train”.

We don’t know how it happened, but we reached station at 7:50am (in 25 minutes). A coolie with luggage carrier cart was waiting to receive us at railway station. He ask the name of the train, kept our luggage in the cart and said us to follow him.

We kept running after him, no one asked or stopped us to check the ticket or scan the luggage at entrance, and by 7:55am we were at platform no.

5 next to the coach of our reserved berths. He also helped us to get in our luggage in the train. Then I thanked him and paid the agreed labor fee INR 400. He smiled and left.

We kept the luggage and took our respective berths, and within 1 minute train left the station. The train was on time and left the platform at exactly 8:00am….Wow! what a miracle…We thanked Him for the superb plan.  

Around 9:00pm we had our dinner and went back to our respective berths [I took the upper berth]. I read some chapters from the Bible, prayed in heavenly tongue and slept. Around 11:00pm – 12:00 night I had a dream.

In the dream I was standing with a small group of people in an unknown place. All of a sudden something like a sea of glass as mentioned in the Revelation 4:6 and 15:2 spread across the ground. It looked like a still calm sea water surface.

In my right side at the end of sea I saw a marvelous City / Throne. At once I stepped down on the sea and walked on the water like Peter did in Matthew 14:29. I do remember that I was not afraid of walking on the water surface but after few steps I started sinking similar to Peter had in Matthew 14:30.

I didn’t cry as Peter did and within no time water came upto the level of my waist. Then I saw three angels came on motor boat [their garment were pure white, I can realise that they were not of this world because they were in their celestial bodies] and one of them stretched forth his hand and caught me as Yeshua did to Peter in Matthew 14:31, and took me with them into the boat.

[7] The Short Vision of Heaven

After 2 and half months [76 days] of Dream of Angles, I had another short vision. 

This time it was vision of Heaven. The date of this vision was on 28th June 2021 between 3:40am – 3:50am. It was just for a fraction of second. I saw on clouds opening of Heaven. It was not merely the clouds parting or appearing something on clouds, but opening of Heaven as mentioned in Ezekiel 1:1; Mark 1:10; Acts 7:56 and Revelation 4:1.

The vision was similar to Prophet Micaiah as recorded in 1 Kings 22:19, “I saw the LORD sitting on His Throne, and all the host of heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left.” The vision was amazing and beyond the human imagination. There is nothing on this world that can be used to compare this. When I had this vision, at once my spirit started praising LORD in heavenly language and I got up.

[8] The Short Vision of Heaven and Fall of Satan

After 3 months [i.e. 84 days] of The Short Vision of Heaven, I had another short vision. This time it was again the Vison of Heaven and Fall of Satan. The date of this vision was on 20th September 2021 between 1:10am – 1:15am and on 21st September 2021 around 12:10am.

On 20th September 2021, I saw on clouds opening of Heaven. The opening of Heaven was similar to my earlier vision of 28th June 2021, and I saw the LORD sitting on His Throne, and all the host of Heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left. All the host of Heaven were praising the LORD in the same manner as mentioned in Revelation 12:10 which says, “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.”

I also saw the Satan and his angels falling down from heaven as mentioned in Revelation 12:8-9 “neither was their place found anymore in heaven. He was cast out unto the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”; and said by Yeshua in Luke 10:18, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

And I saw the earth became dark as mentioned in Isaiah 13:10; Joel 2:10; Matthew 24:29; Revelation 6:12 and Revelation 8:12 which say “the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and star shall withdraw their shining.” Then my wife put on the fan, and my vision discontinued and I came back to my natural realm.

Once again, on 21th September 2021, I saw the LORD sitting on His Throne, and all the host of Heaven standing by Him on His right hand and on His left. All the host of Heaven were praising the LORD. However, this time the scene in Heaven as well as tone of praise was different from the vision of 20th September 2021. It was something similar to the Alleluia! as mentioned in Revelation 19:1-8 & Psalm 118:24 i.e. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

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