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When it comes to money and financial management, life also gets in the way because most of us want to have both the financial success and also a life… and it is believed that Financial [Money] Management is the one of the ways through which we can have right balance between our present and future lifestyle. 

However, few of us ever achieved it, mainly because we had no plan for management of our finance.

This blog is all about improving our lifestyle – getting smarter, getting financial independent, being healthy and feeling good about it. I needed to create something meaningful for myself and readers of my blog and articles.

I want to achieve Financial Independence. These are not just any two-letter word for me. I’m now chasing my dream to achieve financial independence by: (i) Becoming Debt Free, (ii) Building Savings for the Rainy Period, (iii) Converting Hobby into Profession, (iv) Building Asset Portfolio, and (v) Living on Passive Income, and (vi) Serving the needy people

Its purpose is to help people take control of their personal finances and make smart money decisions by sharing actionable articles and resources on how to earn, save and manage money.

It is a blog where I write about things related to personal finance that interest me most, and which I feel will help others make better decisions about their money. The main aim is to present the information on financial products in a simple, unbiased and easy to understand manner.

This blog covers wide array of personal finance topics like manage your finance, bank services, corporate deposits, mutual funds, IPOs, equity shares, etc. I share transparently how you can make passive income from multiple sources.

I believe that anyone can make extra money, whether you need to pay off bills, your debts or you want to quit your day job entirely. This blog site will help you to make good financial management and decisions.

If you’re in search of a peaceful and righteous life, you’re in the right place!


My name is Samir, and it’s so nice to meet you! I completed the Engineering Degree [Production Engineering & Management] in year 2000 and got my MBA in 2003…and spent more than 17 years working in various organisations at different capacities.

I was very much impressed by the saying, You will regret more of the things you don’t do, than the things you try”. During the period, I learned the ABCD of stock market, crypto currencies, etc…. made and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a result, I learned the hard way that rebalancing and having a proper financial management plan to make sure that my risk exposure is not too great.

In 2019, due to outbreak of coronavirus [COVOD 2019] the financial world was falling apart, and my net worth was taking a beating. During this crisis, instead of worrying, living absolutely free became my biggest motivation.

I fantasized about what it would be like to just write, spend time with family, and travel, with little financial worries. I thought it would be a good idea to start a personal finance site to help myself and others make sense of chaos.

Blogging is my passion. I find the idea of sharing with the world …coz’ I believe our thoughts and opinions are amazing! It’s like being on the world stage and the whole world listening to you.

I believe that blogging and social media can be put to good use, by sharing the information we know and helping others become better people in their daily lives.

One of the biggest unanticipated benefits of starting this blog is the fact that I’ve learned so much through the writing process, not only from my own research but also through feedback from readers. 

This blog site reveals the basics and my strategies for achieving the financial freedom as soon as possible. I also share my ideas on personal finance such as – manage your finance, bank services, corporate deposits, mutual funds, IPOs, equity shares, etc.


The content and outcome of this site is based on my research, practice and experience. This is a platform for exchange of information among people who want to make better financial decisions using the best information available.

Though the ideas presented on this blog won’t revolutionize finance, they will provide you with a different perspective on money that you can use in your everyday life.  I am sure of this because of the hundreds of hours of research that are going on to publish articles on this blog.

Be sure to join my mailing list to stay up to date on all of the blogging goodness! And, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the email address given below. You can also join my free blogging community here.


If you would like to join this mission and willing to contribute, you can send me an email to contact@samirstephan.com. I do prefer and love to work in team that have a positive impact on each and every soul!